Friday, November 21, 2014

Six going on 25

Most of my days are spent being thankful for my son and his soul that is most definitely treasure.  
If I wasn't his mom, I would still love him.

Some things to remember:

E talks a lot and has a lot of loving and funny things to say.  One night he talked about a little girl from class:

"I'd like to compliment Lila on how well she draws unicorns because she draws them way better than you would expect for her age."

This is the same little girl E bought a little stuffed unicorn for (with his allowance). She sent him a thank you note with $ .21 and said, "I like it and I love it."  

Pretty much sums up those two sweethearts!


He bought her the unicorn for a "forgiveness,"  as he put it.  He went on and on about how they had a misunderstanding.  He thought she pushed him, but it was an accident.

E went on and on about how he called her a terrible name.  

I asked him what it was.  Finally, under his breath, he said, "I called her a Pusher."

A PUSHER!  This is the worst thing he's ever called anyone.  Bless his heart. This level of innocence will be leaving soon and so I cherish every second of it.


This year our beloved Linus died.  Elliot so believes in Heaven and God and endless love.

In talking about Linus with wings in Heaven:

"One thing I know is that Heaven is the only place where there's real magic."



E is an absolute joy and light. He is funnier than most adults.  I have no worries about this little human.  He is going to change the world for the better.  I am a mom, and I can say all of this.  And I mean it.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Photos of SIX!!!

Spring Festival, yoga, Easter eggs, sleeping boy, and lego heart card E made for one of his 5 girlfriends!


In keeping with the trend of not posting often, here is the "catch up" post.  Some of this happened when Elliot was 5, some when 6.  And by the way...6?!   How did that happen?

Elliot is reading.  He loves to read and reads road signs, menus, etc.  We take turns when we read at night.  I am baffled at how odd the English language is.  I am constantly saying, "oh, the GH is silent," or "the L is silent," or any number of weird things.

Speaking of weird things...

A song James and I overheard E singing in the car:

"When I feel hungry I'm not afraid, but when I'm full I'm scared"  (followed by laughter--James and Elliot are the king and prince of silly songs...look for no hidden meaning--it's all nonsense! )

Elliot told me recently after one of many failed attempts to scare me:

"Moms are hard to sneak up on!"  I have to agree...I'm like a ninja with a 6th sense ;)


We love to talk about how amazing the human body is!  Elliot and I share the same fascination there. We also read a lot of things about all kinds of science.  Sometimes there's so much information that we get things mixed up--for instance:

E: "Mom, you know that part of the atom?  You know that little part called the pancreas?"

Me:  "You mean the proton?"

E: "oh yes, that's what I meant."


One of Elliot's favorite things to do is to make up jokes.  Here are two from this week:

E:  "Why couldn't the little boy move when his mom told him to wait?

      "Because he was HANGING ON!"

E:  "Where does a dog like to go for vacation?"


**This will only be funny to a select few who know I am from Bartlesville Oklahoma.  He remembered!**


Elliot often tries to think of ways to tell me just how much he likes spending time with me:

E:  "Mama, I would enjoy being with you even if I was sea sick."

**I have to say, that is a lot, indeed.  I feel the same way about this special human.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My darling boy

**This post was written in August** just finally posting it.  I wanted to put photos with it, so I have waited to publish, but so far having major phone issues and can't get pics off my phone to this particular computer yet...ugh...working on it***

I am compelled to get these thing down on "paper" today.  One, because I need to keep up with all the amazing things Elliot does and says, and two because I am overwhelmed with grief at finding out that a friend of mine lost her son in a car accident this weekend.  I need to take this time to center only around my greatest joy.

Go hug your kids everyone.  Right now.

E is a lover and a firecracker.  He has grace and grit.  He is an old soul and "gets it" in ways I think often even some adults don't.

this summer he went to summer school, art camp, nature camp, and gym camp.  He thrived in all of them and learned so much.   I am grateful that he can have these experiences and adapt so well to new situations.

E: "'Mama, I feel nervous about going to gym camp."
Me:  "Do you know what that means?  It means you are totally normal.  Even adults get nervous for new situations, so this is a good sign.  It means you are about to do something brave and have an exciting new experience.

E:  Yeah, and nervous only last about three days, so after that, only excited will be left!

While playing outside on his swing set:

E:  "mama, I wish they had gym camp for adults, because you would really enjoy it!"


Lately, Elliot has become ready for reading and writing in obvious ways.  I have been working with him on this with ten words a day that he sounds out, rewrites, and uses in an sentence.  It is thrilling to watch such progress in such short time.

He was finishing up with one lesson and told me he would bring it to me when he was done.

 I was outside sitting on the swing set, throwing the ball for the dogs, when he ran out, paper in hand and gave it to me.  It was all correct.

Me:  Elliot!  I am so proud of you!  You are amazing at learning and focusing, and writing and reading!!,   Aren't you sooo proud of yourself too? Don't you feel like you have a new power?

E: you know, I do feel proud and like I have a new power!

..................time passes as we are swinging..............

E looks over at me and says,

"Any more compliments about my reading?"


While putting E to bed:

Me:  Elliot, I think you are so special and I just know you are going to do great things in your life.

E:  You're going to do great things too, Mama.


Elliot loves learning about anatomy.

E:  Mama, where is my collect straw?

Me:  I don't know what straw you are are talking about.

E:  You know Mama, the one in your body...your COLLECTSTRAW?!

Me:  Cholesterol?

E:  Yes!  Where is it?


**This is now Oct. 26th.  Here are Elliot's latest jokes all thought up on his own**

Q:  "What did the kids call their mom when she was being mean?"



Q:  "What kind of dinosaur eats steak?"


--and the puns and plays on words live on...  (insert Mama's big smile).

Saturday, April 27, 2013

             Elliot's latest trip to Louisiana to see P.K. and David.  LOVED the wildlife preserve! 
                                                      Science museum never disappoints!

                                                                         First parade!
                                                                     Elliot and Nimue
                                                 One of Elliot's MANY amazing creations

this post has been written over time so much of this happened just as he turned 5, and some months later**

Elliot is 5.  WHAT?!  Yes, he is 5 with all the joy, and innocence 5 brings--but underneath is the wisdom of someone who has lived a very long time.  I am astounded.

Elliot just told me, "I can draw a skeleton, I looked at my socks so I know how to."
(he has a cute little skull on his socks)
Now he just asked, "how do I draw a ribcage?"

He is definitely my kid...I am an anatomy geek.

This child remembers EVERYTHING!  He has been asking me whether things he is remembering are dreams or real.  Most of the time, they are real, and they happened when he was a BABY!

If I had to put labels on him right now, some of them would be:

problem solver
self starter
people person
story teller

I hurt my knee recently and Elliot unearthed my crutches from highschool out of our storage closet and handed them to me.  Then he got an ice pack from the freezer, held it at my knee while alternately kissing my injury and telling me, "let me know when this ice isn't cold anymore and I'll get you a fresh one."

My second injury was the complete melting of my heart.

He is so young, and children are supposed to be ego-centric.  And he is, to an extent--but he is so AWARE of others and the needs and differences of others it's incredible.

He makes cards for people.  He doesn't draw what he likes on the cards, he draws (after much thought) what the other person likes--including favorite colors.

Today he cut a princess out of pink paper for his "girlfriend,"  Emalina.

When inviting children to his birthday, he let me know that if I invited Jackson to his birthday, I needed to invite Josh, because those two boys played together a lot.

Yeah, that sounds like most five year old boys... ;)

Some things I don't want to forget:

Me:  Ms. Hannah is having her baby right now.
E:  Did it already pop out?
Me:  No, sometimes it can take a long time.
E:  Yeah, because the baby just wants to stay inside and play with your ribcage a little longer.

I bought Elliot a circuit board (8ys+) that you can build circuits for making alarms, lights, sounds, etc.

At night as I was putting him down to bed he said:

"Mom, you know about love and electricity?"  There is a circuit from my heart to your heart of love."

Me:  Elliot, who are your girlfriends at school?
E:  Melody and Addison.
Me: What is it about them that you like?
E:  I like the LOOK.
Me: (laughing) what?
E: (reaching out and pushing up on the bottom of my bobbed hair cut)  I like them because they look like you.

E:  I drew a picture today of a man who thinks he's kissing a lady, but really he's kissing a MONKEY!!!"

E: (tooting)  HEY!  Somebody's gonna have to call the insurance!!!

E:  Mom, you know how you throw the ball for the dogs so that they get all of their energy out and behave better?  Well, I'm pretty sure that's what the teachers are doing to the students when they have us go to recess before lunchtime.

E: (handing me a picture he drew)  I hope you like it, that is you and you are standing next to a heart factory...<3 p="">

I picked him up from school one day and his music teacher said,

"I think he's going to be a late night talk show host."

Then a month later I picked him up again, and the same teacher said.

"I think he's going to be president."


Well, Elliot will be whatever he wants to be, that is for sure.  Between that brain and that heart, there is magic.   

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I think I always begin these posts stating that it has, "been so long since my last post" and that there is, "so much to say..."  This one is no different.  As life speeds by, I am able--at least--to live in the moment with Elliot.  The moments are fleeting, but they are what make life so good.

Elliot is a boy now--self sufficient and proud.  He does things for himself and even for me!  He is especially good at being my co-pilot on errands and helping with the dogs.  I realize that I don't dread errands so much now, because with E, they are actually fun!

In late August, Elliot began Cedars Montessori School.  I feel like angels sing when I drop him at school.  I could not love this place, or the staff any more.  It is a magical place where Elliot is THRIVING.  Each day he tells me about playing or learning and I hear stories of new friends, Simon, August, Gracie, and more.

IN the first week their teacher brought in a turtle that had been injured in the street.  They got to help nurse it back to health.  Coming from a family that is fond of saving turtles, frogs, birds, etc...I love that he had this experience.


Things Elliot is now into (and signs that he is a BOY now)

-fast running...ALL THE TIME
-jumping off everything


Things Elliot has said in the past few months that I love:

"Mom, your going to want to teach your students Danger Catcher pose in yoga--in case they get into danger."

"Mom, when you do yoga it's like turning an avocado into guacamole."

"When I am sixteen, I won't drive yet, I promise."  (P.S.  I haven't even mentioned driving to him)


Another thing, besides building that E is into is ANATOMY!  He wants to learn all about his insides--which of course, makes his yoga teaching mama very excited!  When other kids are not sure where their bones are, Elliot will tell you how very happy he is about having a ribcage.

In recent talks about what happens when you die, I think I may have sold the whole death thing a bit too much in trying to make it less scary.

With a  huge grin Elliot told me:

"Mom, you will die!  Daddy will die!  I will die! And then we'll be the dead Brooks family in Heaven!!!"



Life is good, so we'll stick with that for now.  :)

**notes on the photos.  E is now doing great with swimming--no floaties and taking lessons without fear of the water!

The famous tree pose made James and I laugh out loud.  I said, "E, go by the tree and I'll take your picture--and THIS is the pose he struck!  NEVER have I had him put foot on a tree!  It looked so "posed" and yet--all his idea! Ha!

Finally, LEGO fest was insane and wonderful.  I know E won't forget it.  He held his own amongst the older, and larger kids...

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Elliot has such a large vocabulary that at times I have to laugh hearing such big words in such a small voice.  Recently, he has said some things that really made me laugh or warm my heart (or both) but he didn't get them just right. 

me: "Elliot, how's is going in there?"
Elliot:  It's going great because the way I build is really sopisticate.  (Soo-pis-tic-ate)

Elliot:  "Mom, I can tell I'm growing because I'm not declakit anymore. (Dek-la-kit)

Finally, I think his honestly is something to marvel at.
me: "Elliot, do you want me to leave your lego car next to your bed while you sleep and you can play with it in the morning?"

Elliot:  "Mom, I don't think that's  a good idea because you know how I like to take things apart."

Me: "So you're saying that if I leave it here you would just want to play with it?"

Elliot:   "Yes, so you should bring it into the livingroom for the nighttime."